Lawyers Dr Franz Xaver Muheim and Barbara Merz, MA in Law founded the Muheim & Merz law and notary office in 2000. Both partners merged their in-depth knowledge and their years of experience in several legal sectors. As a result of their growth, they expanded their partnership in 2011 with the addition of a further lawyer, Remo Baumann, MA in Law.

In the autumn of 2014, when their law firm relocated in Altdorf, the overall appearance of the business and the company name, Muheim|Merz|Baumann was redesigned. Together with a select team of lawyers, Muheim|Merz|Baumann now provides extensive services together with a wide range of know-how. Muheim|Merz|Baumann’s wide network of contacts also benefits our clients.

As a holder of the Canton of Uri Notary’s Patent, Muheim|Merz|Baumann can certify legal transactions.